Still On Our Feet

April 06, 2020

OMM has been with you for over twenty years.
There simply is no precedent for what we are looking at today.
Our running events and expos are being cancelled en masse.
We don't know where this ends, or what's on the other side.

How should OMM be reacting?

Our discussions keep coming back to one answer.

We are going to keep doing what we do, for as long as we can.

We are going to provide an inspirational moment, a humorous observation, or a motivational kick in the pants. We will continue to give you a sounding board for what you want to say. We will keep making your running gear and will hold onto that odd sense of humor that is (ahem) an admitted quirk of One More Mile.

While our near-term expos have been suspended or rescheduled, OMM is still able to support your online needs. We have made some modifications to our operations:

- We are following the guidelines of our Governor and the CDC.
- We are taking extra precautions with sanitation.
- We are reducing our hours of production. Your order may take a few extra days.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay a community.

Make a positive impact in the life of a Nurse, Doctor or Healthcare Provider.

Let's get through this.

Your Friends at One More Mile.


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