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BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm

Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm For Her

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Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm is the recognized leader for comfort.  It helps prevent and relieve hot spots on feet, and chafed, chapped and cracked skin from head to toe.  It's good for both during and after activity.  It penetrates the skin and creates an invisible, comfortable barrier against friction and moisture without clogging pores or trapping perspiration.  Feels dry to the touch. 

For Her is for sensitive areas where skin rubs skin, where bras cause chafing, where clothing irritates and chafes the underside of the arms, where thighs are irritated by apparel, and for feet where rubbing causes hot spots, chafing or blisters.  For Her comes in 0.80 oz.


Customer Reviews

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Erin M.
Amazing service!

I love the items I received from "One More Mile" . The customer service was great and I loved how my order arrived with the items wrapped and tied with a bow! Made it feel like a special occasion! Thank you for going the extra mile!

Heather S.
Solved my painful problem

I was having a lot of chafing on my ribs along the bottom of my sports bras. When I would run for more than 30 minutes, I would be suffering afterwards when the shower water hit the angry red stripe across my body. This product goes on without stinging and it feels dry as soon as it is applied. It has completely stopped my chafing problem! The applicator is small, but I'm using it for a small, specific area so it works for me.